Holi Color Manufacturer

Export Market

Explore the Export Market of Rajtilak Industries

Rajtilak Industry is experienced for more than 20+ years and has a wider marketplace amongst the topmost manufacturer and exporter of Holi Colour products worldwide.
Our colors are blissfully accepted all around the world. Currently, we are serving many countries including USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa and many more.
We have the best service provider, and our responsibility does not end with creating the best quality product we also ensure that our products are delivered to our customers safely.
We have a team of skilled professionals who strives to ensure the delivery of best quality product to our customers worldwide.
Our products are certified on regular quality check for no irritation and no oral toxicity.
Our company believes in attaining 100% customer satisfaction and is known for the same in the world market.
We have an enhanced business visibility and leading management system